?> 02

AC CampingIN Stella Maris

Swimming pool and new reception with facilities, AC CampingIN Stella Maris, Umag

?> naslovna

Big Architecture awaards 201 – award for best landscape and urban spaces

Big Architecture awaards 201 - award for best landscape and urban spaces for square in Malinska

?> 01

Q Software Headquarters

Interior project of IT company headquarters, Zagreb 2019

?> naslovnica 2

DA! fe5tival

(HR) Predavanje na DA! festivalu, 30.03.2019

?> 2019


?> 04

The Square in Selce

The Square in Selce, 2018

?> 600x400 naslov

40th Split Saloon

Discursive program of the exhibition: "A place for art": The issue of public sculpture and space from an architect's point of view

?> 006

The Square in Malinska

The Square in Malinska, 2018

?> e3

Kurija Mihalović

Heritage hotel

?> 01

Vacation Houses KNL

Vacation Houses KNL, 2018

?> 05

First grammar school Osijek

Public competition for First grammar school Osijek, june 2018

?> logo

Dani arhitekata 2.0

The Lecture at the Professional Conference Dani arhitekata 2.0, Hotel Lone, Rovinj May 3-5

?> 02

Mon Perin Headquarters, Bale

Mon Perin Headquarters entrance, Bale 2018

?> big logo 600x480

Big Architecture awaards 2018 – nomination for best landscape and urban spaces

?> naslovna

Tourist Resort Mužini

Tourist Resort Mužini, Istria 2018

?> 09

Z House

Z House, Juršići 2018.

?> 11

L House

L House, Juršići 2018.

?> 2018


?> naslovnica

European Regional Development Fund E-impulse: NFO Ltd’s growth by strengthening competitiveness and expanding capacity

?> 010

Barat House

Vacation House Barat, 2017

?> naslovna skica

AC CampingIN Stella Maris

Conceptual design for swimming pool and new reception with facilities, AC CampingIN Stella Maris, Umag

?> 11

Residential Building Kružna

Project for residential building Kružna street Zagreb, 2017

?> naslovna

Festival kreativnega turizma

The Lecture at Mednarodni Festival Kreativneg Turizma 2017, Ljubljana

?> 01

Paleo park

conceptual study for theme park, Bale, 2017

?> logo

Übergänge Sommerworkshop

The Lecture at Übergänge Sommerworkshop, Rovinj september 2017

?> 02

JKP House

Project for family house JKP, Zagreb 2014.- 2017.

?> 2017


?> c_9

Park and Garage -Vodice

Conceptual study for the refurbishment of the Kneza Branimira square with underground garage, Vodice, September 2016.

?> mies-01

Mies van der Rohe Award 2017.Nomination

Excited that our project Gordan Lederer Memoral - Broken Landscape has been nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2017!

?> esa web-logo 2016

ELLE STYLE AWARDS 2016. nomination for best interior design

?> c-09

GRN House

project for family house in Zagreb, March 2014.

?> artur-04

ARTUR Award 2016 A.D.

ARTUR AWARD 2016 for best realization in tourism for CAMPING MON PERIN

?> c07

Reconstruction Of Sanitary Facilities

Reconstruction of sanitary facilities in San Polo i Colone camps, Bale, 2015.-2016.

?> a01-deform

Porto Buso Restaurant

Reconstruction of the restaurant in the Mon Perin camp , 2016.

?> web

The lecture at VERN

Guest lecture as part of the Planning in tourism collegium (prof. Snjezana Boranić Živoder) at Vern university -14.5.2016

?> b14-copy

Mon Perin Reception

Reconstruction of the reception at the camp Mon Perin , 2015. - 2016.

?> web

Nominations for the annual award of the Association of Croatian Architects for year 2015.

Monument Gordan Lederer nominated for the annual award Bernardo Bernardi for year 2015.

?> web

From Nothing Something

Lecture within the cycle AF+ on Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb - 04.08.2016.

?> web

Lecture as part of the Architectural Heritage Workshop

Lecture as part of the Architectural Heritage Workshops in Bale -5.3. 2016.

?> 2016


?> R (1)

Student Pavilion in Osijek

1.st prize on public competition for student pavilion in Osijek, December 2015.

?> naslovna

Libusoft Cicom

Refurbishment of the salon of ceramics in office space, August 2015.

?> M03

Mandićevac Vinery

Preliminary study for Vinery. Mandićevac, October 2015.

?> FACEBOOK-cover11

50. zagrebački salon

Publication nad exibition on 50th .zagreb salon - selektor Hrvoje Njirić

?> vk07

DUNAV Elementary School

1st. prize on Dunav Elementary School Competiton, September 2015.

?> Untitled-3


Eksperimental movie Novi Južni Zagreb. Author Darko Fritz, NFO - arh.modeling

?> Kod-Hrvatske-Kostajnice-otkriven-spomenik-Gordanu-Ledereru_ca_large

Opening Of Gordan Lederer Memorial

August 2015.

?> A01

LCR House

Family house with additional apartments, July 2015.

?> web

Public Against Public

Lecture as part of the "Career Day" at the Zagreb Agronomy Faculty: "Public against the public" - 14.5.2015

?> logo

Malinska Center

1.st prize on competition for Malinska center

?> a00

IGN House

Double House, March 2015.

?> a06

Administrative Building MP

Reconstruction and extension of the administrative building MP, Bale, January 2015.

?> 2015


?> x00-


Competition for extension of Physical Education Faculty, December 2014.

?> S01

MKA House

Double House, October 2014.

?> 10659221_349948405172532_1079774256429798027_n

November Talks, Bratislava

November Talks Lectures , Bratislava, November 2014.

?> t06

ArV House

Semi-detached House, October 2014.

?> a02

KMAN -Petrol station

Competition for KMAN Petrol station, Split, December 2014.

?> F:�_ NATJECAJI2014_8 staracki dom LASCINA� NEDJELJA�1 LASCIN

Home for Elderly

2.nd prize on public competition, September 2014.

?> n05

Novigrad Squares – Novigrad Ravine

3.rd prize on Competition for Novigrad centre, June 2014.

?> b07

Badel Factory

New Badel d.d. factory of wine and spirits Badel, Zagreb, June 2014.

?> v-04

AAP House

3 apartment building, June 2014

?> A01

Gordan Lederer Memorial

1.st prize on Goran Lederer Memorial Competition, Hrvatska Kostajnica, May 2014.

?> b09

„Međugorska“ Complex

competition for complex in Medjugorska street in Zagreb, March 2014.

?> A09

Laboratory For Underwater Systems And Technology

Expansion of laboratories for testing underwater automated systems, March 2014.

?> 05

Selce Squares – Green Livingrooms

1.st prize on the competition for Selce downtown, March 2014.

?> varazdin 1

Workshop – Hostel Tourism in Varaždin

Workshop as part of the strategy for tourism development in Varazdin, March 2014.

?> a01

Vertical anex for “Drago Galić” prize

Vertical annex nominated for "Drago Galić" award for best achievement in residential architecture for the 2013th year, February 2014.

?> a-08

Old School

Reconstruction of the "Old School" for the City Library + City Hall, January 2014

?> globus 1

Classics elect their successors – Globus magazine

Renowned architect Branko Silađin about NFO for Globus magazine, January 2014.

?> 2014


?> a00-

NFO in A10 Magazine

Stjepan Radić Square, November 2013.

?> a-10

Banjavčićeva-Heinzlova Competition

Residental and Commercial Building Competition Banjačićeva-Heinzlova, Zagreb, October 2013.

?> a00-


Vrbani Business Center in "Offices" by: Braun Publishing, October 2013.

?> a-06

Petrol Station Stupnik Competition

3rd prize for Petrol Station Stupnik, competition, Zagreb, September 2013.

?> logoi copy

Stjepan Radić Square in Media

August, September 2013.

?> a-00

Reportage Trg Stjepana Radića

reportage Crikvenica Center on the show Tourist Class, 15 August 2013th from 15:18 till 18:20

?> a04

Grand opening – Crikvenica!

Stjepan Radić Square opening, May 17th 2013.

?> a-08

Vatroslav Lisinski Square Competition

2nd place for Vatroslava Lisonskog square competition, May 2013.

?> a03

Crikvenica center

completed works on the main square in Crikvenica, May 2013th


Agroroad Dramalj – Jadranovo

idea study for the Agroroad Dramalj-Jadranovo, May 2013.

?> a00

The Gods Must Be Crazy

interview for portal Vizkultura, April 30.th 2013.

?> a02

Zig Zag

apartments project , April 2013.

?> a11

J.J.S. University Competition

5th place for Josip Juraj Strossmayer university competition, Osijek, April 2013.

?> a00

Tura arhitekture

article on Vertical annex in Pakoštane, March 2013

?> a09

Ladvić Boccia

boccia as the center of a small village, March 2013th

?> 2013

A.D. 2013

?> b00

47.zagrebački salon

publication nad exibition on 47. Zagreb salon, November 2012.

?> b00-

Globus interview

interview for the Globus magazine, October 2012.

?> a-05

Freywille Zagreb

interior design, October 2012.

?> b09

Varaždin Student Dormitory and Canteen Competiton

2nd prize for Mess-hall snd student dormitorium in Varaždin, October 2012.

?> f01

Expanding Horizons

publication in the book "Expanding horizons" - book on Croatian urbanism 1991. - 2011., October 2012

?> b00

Shelter For Cats

volunteer project for the association Give paw Vukovar, September 2012.

?> C:UsersNFOdroneDesktopNFOPROJEKTI2012_05 RIJEKA VEZICE50_

Sacral and Cultural Home Competition

competition for sacral and cultural home, June 2012

?> Print


lectures at DA festival, 5th June 2012.

?> b00

Vertical Annex Pakoštane

finalisation of construction of vertical annex in Pakoštane, May 2012.

?> b00

Block Badel Competition

Block Badel competition, April 2012.

?> b00

3 Guests Plenty

VIP club lecture , 1st March 2012.

?> e00

Vrbani Business Building in Media

business building on Archdaily, Arhinovosti, February 2012.

?> b-01

Parks Of Vukovar Lectures

Parkovi Vukovara workshop lectures, February 17th 2012.

?> C:UsersNFOdroneDesktopNFOPROJEKTI2012_01 OSIJEKTVRDJA 15.

Tvrđa Urban Eqipment Competition

3rd prize in the competition for street furniture in the Citadel in Osijek, February 2012.

?> c01

sb Magazine

publication of Stadium Lapad in the journal SB, February 2012.

?> b01

Park Ribarska Competition

2nd prize in the competition park Ribarska in Vukovar, January 2012.

?> 2012


?> c04

Vrbani Business Center Competition

4th prize on competition for the office building Vrbani, Zagreb, November 2011.

?> c08

Summer Theater Opatija Competition

competition, November 2011.

?> D:NATJECAJI44_NATJECAJ_POLJANA CENTAR_14.10.11sibenik acadsi

Poljana Square Competition

mention on Poljana Square competition in Šibenik, October 2011.

?> c05

Strojarska Competition

competition, Strojarska street, Zagreb, September 2011.

?> D:NATJECAJI41_EUROPAN_WIEN_30.06.11dwg - txtprojekt 30.06.20

LainzerLines Europan

competition, Europan, June 2011.

?> C00-

Stage 180

lecture at Stage 180, Ljubljana, 25 May 2011.

?> c07

Vacation House Lug

the renovation project of the estate, April 2011.

?> c04

Crikvenica center Competition

1st prize in the competition for the center of Crikvenica, March 2011.


Borongaj Campus Competition

competition, January 2011.

?> 2011

A.D. 2011

?> e00

Lapad Stadium in Media

Lapad Stadium on Archdaily, Archello and Stadiony, December 2010.

?> d10

Senj Center Competition

1st prize in the competition for the renovation of the downtown Senj, November 2010.

?> d-06

Home for Elderly Competition

competition, October 2010.

?> e00

Prepoznavanje prakse Lectures

lecture, Architects association Rijeka, 11th September 2010.

?> B&Z 10_013 PechaKucha_Plakat_680x980_3mm_odabran.ai

Pecha Kucha Night 7

short lecture, Pecha Kucha 7, 9th September 2010

?> d-06

Curia Mihalović

reconstruction project, June 2010.

?> d01

Wellness 4-2

project for a small wellness, May 2010.

?> e00

Paromlin Project in Media

project Paromlin on HTV, Jutarnji List and Globus, portals: pogledaj.to, ArchDaily, April 2010 - November 2013.

?> d07

Bridge in Maribor Competition

competition, February 2010.

?> d09

Paromlin Competition

1st prize at the international competition for Paromlin, February 2010.

?> d01

Head of Cattle

renovation project of the old barn, January 2010.

?> Render 02

Old Basement Hotel

the renovation project of the old cellar, January 2010.


Osilovac Park

development strategy, January 2010.

?> 2010



Garden Box

remodeling a basement facility, November 2009.

?> Microsoft PowerPoint - prepoznavanje prakse.ppt [Recovered]

Vertical annex

project to expansion of the family house, November 2009.

?> e00

44.zagrebački salon

publication and exibition on 44.Zagreb salon, October 2009.

?> f01

SAP Family House

family house project, October 2009.

?> Slide 1


lecture in DAZ, September 2009.

?> f00----

Roof Terrace and Staircase

project for roof staircase and roof terrace, September 2009.

?> f05

Elementary School Pazdigrad Competition

mention on the competition for Elementary School in Pazdigrad, Split, September 2009.

?> f04

Kindergarten Brunkovec Competition

3rd prize in the competition for kindergarten, June 2009.

?> f02

Lapad Stadium Competition

3rd prize in the competition for the stadium Lapad, May 2009.

?> f06

Pakoštane Cultural Center

project for the Cultural Centre in Pakoštane, April 2009.

?> e08

King Tomislav Square Apartment

renovation of an apartment in downtown Zagreb, January 2009.

?> 2009


?> g06

Buzet Housing

project for a residential building in Buzet, november 2008.


Farkaševac Elementary School Competition

Competition, December 2008.

?> g00

NFO is Opened!

formalisation of nonformal organisation

?> g10

Park Špansko Competition

2nd prize in the competition for the renovation of the park, May 2008.

?> d03

Horizontal Annex

project for expansion of the family house, 2008.

?> 2008